Brazilian Federal Public Procurements – Biddings Winners are entitled to hire convicts or former convicts

Which companies are obliged to hire convicts or former convicts
Since July 24, any company who wishes to provide services to Brazil’s Federal Public Administration in value over BRL 330,000.00 will have to allocate from 3% to 6% of the work stations to convicts or former convicts, according to the number of employees that the nature of the contract demands, due to the Decree n. 9.450/2018.

Are companies prepared to comply with this new rule?
No. The new rules have raised doubts regarding the documentation required to apply and comply with the Brazilian Federal Public Procurement. The Bidders are entitled to present a declaration ensuring that convicts or former convicts will be hired in the quantities legally required to perform the job or, alternatively, a declaration from the local criminal judge about the impossibility on doing so. Furthermore, many doubts have been raised as for their obligations prior, during and after the signature of the contract. Learn more. Talk to us.