About Us

WFaria Advogados is a law firm specializing in corporate law, headquartered in Sao Paulo, with operations in the main states of Brazil.

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Always alert to new trends and opportunities in the legal universe, WFaria Advogados will show in this section events of major importance in the market.

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Valorizing our clients and making our site a source of online opinion and knowledge, WFaria Advogados provides articles by our lawyers about changes, news and implementations of the market.

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WFaria Advogados maintains a weekly newsletter with the main novelties at the office, such as events and publications. With the newsletter, you don't miss any opportunity and can stay up-to-date on matters of relevance in the legal area.

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International Alliance

WFaria Advogados is a member of important international associations of law firms from all over the world. It is also the representative of Ryan International in Brazil. Through these associations, we offer our clients a global service for their cases.

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Wilson De Faria

Founding partner

Founding partner at WFaria Advogados

Leonardo Mazzillo

Senior partner

Coordinator of Specialized Tax Litigation, Tax Liabilities Management, Pensions Law and Human Capital.

Alessandra Gonsales

Senior partner

Specialist in the implementation of anticorruption policies, with extensive experience in compliance and corporate law.

Eduardo Nieves Barreira


Extensive experience in Civil Law and Civil Procedural Law. Coordinator of the Civil Litigation area.